Web Copywriting

Copy that creates the conversation with your potential clients and turns it into a connection with your brand.

Words will go here.



Let’s talk about how we can work together.

Briefing Zoom/Teams Call

A briefing call is the time we have at the start of the project so I can get to know you and your brand, your likes and dislikes in regards to words and what type of copy you are looking for. We’ll set a due date for your 1st draft and I’ll get to work. 


1st Draft

When the 1st draft arrives we’ll have another zoom/teams catch up to go through the copy and what I’ve come up with.  You’ll get a good feel for the copy created in that call, and I will then give you a chance to go through the copy independently and determine any changes you would like and if there is anything missing.

2nd Draft

At this stage, the bulk of the world has been done and you’ll receive my final invoice (first 50% is payable up front). We’ll once again meet over zoom/teams to discuss and ensure you are happy with the copy.  You’ll then be given a chance to go over the 2nd draft separately and get back to me with any changes you would like.

Final Draft and sign off

 Once I’ve completed the final draft and the invoice is paid I’ll sign over the copy to you. Please note that all copyright of the copy belongs to me until the final invoice is paid.

what's next

At the end of the job, I’ll ask you how I did and will ask you to provide me a review to help with those lovely google rankings and to show people how good it is to work with me.

I usually connect with people on LinkedIn and will get in touch after a few months to see how the copy is working for you.


Web Copy Packages to suit your project

Not your project?  That’s cool, every dog is different. I much prefer a mixed breed. Contact me to have a chat about your specific project and I’ll create a custom package for you.

additional services

Marketing Consulting

Sometimes you might just want to know if you. are on the right track with your marketing. 

Book in a teams/zoom call to ensure your marketing budget is being well allocated and you aren’t throwing it all into the matrix unaware of what will come back. 

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