Stock Photography, Brisbane, Australia

Stock Photography, Brisbane, Australia

Wait, isn’t this a content marketing blog? Why are we talking stock photography?

Well guess what, photography is content, as are the words you write. It’s essential they correlate to tell a story accurately and one that your clients can resonate with. Your story, the one where they connect with, and why you are talking to them.

Our attention span in 2020, is literally diminishing in the little screen right in front of us. If something is off with the content we are viewing, we know it straight away, and we aren’t prepared to give it the time of day. Ads are constantly in front of our faces, and as a business you need to stand out and be seen. The same old photography and some boring stock image isn’t going to cut it. You need to ensure your brand is fresh and showing up in every place your clients hang out with copy that is relevant and images to match.

Who would ever want silverbeet in a vase image? Someone who likes veg I would say. Maybe a nutritionist? A health food store? Maybe a personal trainer? If you are any of these or otherwise, you can have this image to use on your own blog/social media, for free. To get this spinach bouquet image to use royalty free, sign up to my newsletter below, and I’ll send you the download, and then one free royalty free image each day for 28 days.

I’ve been told its crazy, but I see no benefit doing things by halves.

And while you are there, we’ll chat more about how I can help you with your content marketing.

See you tomorrow.

Vase of Silverbeet on a kitchen bench.