Case Study


A story of product photography in the real world.


BBalanced is no ordinary brand, so why would they want ordinary product photographs

Working with the BBalanced team is always outcome based, with a twist of fun.  We have mutual respect for each other’s business and understanding of the end game. From the first session we had I was able to get to know the founders of the brand and their brand’s mission and aims. 

To create a clothing brand that is as comfortable in the board room as it is at the gym. 

To build a brand centred around movement. 

To ensure their clients are stylish and comfortable in equal measure. 


Taking the BBalanced Product Images to the next level


The BBalanced brand aims to become the go-to brand for active-corporate fashion.   We needed to represent the product in a way that spoke to those clients who are active, either in the jobs or in their leisure, to make the transition between both areas of their life seamless.


We created a photoshoot that would represent BBalanced clients and their daily life. To show how the product will not just fit in with their existing wardrobe, it will enhance it and make it far more functional, yet always bringing style to the table. 

We photographed the session in a city location with a city landscape as the backdrop, creating a sense of place.  After all, many suits work and play in the city.

We photographed the products to ensure they were not only true to colour but true to use as well.  To show the details on the product in the same way you would if you were purchasing from a store.




Lynda is extremely creative. We didn’t want just a standard photo shoot We wanted something a little different and that is exactly what Lynda delivered for us!!! We were happy with the results and she made us feel comfortable throughout the shoot.

Ben and Jess, BBalanced Founders.

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