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The first thing every freelancer needs to do best is listen, then provide value.  My value is in my ability to take what you need and put it into actionable tasks.  It’s the outcomes we are working towards that matter, but it’s how we get there bit by bit that get’s points on the board.

my work

Some of the copywriting work I do

Sales Pages

Let’s talk about that last point of call on your website.   This is your work horse where all the nuturing and effort you have taken to get your potential clients to become actual clients should pay off. 

Is it not converting for you?

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the vessel that transports your potential customers. It nutures them like a big bowl of chicken and vegetable soup, followed by a warm apple crumble and a cup of hot chocolate till they don’t remember their pain points or why it took them so long to fall in love with your goods or services.

Are you providing warmth and nourishment?

Can I help you?

The 4 Page website

If you are a service provider and are working on a really simple 4 page website, then this will be just what you are looking for. I’ll take care of your:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Services Page
  • FAQ Page



Let’s talk about how we can work together.

discovery call

I have a few questions I’ll get you to answer at the start so I can fully understand the scope of work of our copywriting job.  This reduces the amount of back and forth and gives us a solid foundation and understanding of the job.



Proposal – I’ll email you through a proposal, detailed with all the information

-Approximate word/page count
– Any research required
– Tone of Voice
– Type of Content
– Date required, if rushed etc


Once approved, you’ll pay the 50% upfront payment and sign the digital online contract I’ll send through.

Timing – as indicated in the proposal, I’ll drop you a quick email before I start and will organise any interviews or meetings required.

The work starts

I’ll keep you updated on my progress.  Depending on the job I’ll either just get on with it, or may need some input from you or someone at your company.   I’ll send you through my first draft as a word document with track changes so you are able to let me know if there are any bit’s that aren’t on the mark.

2nd Draft

 If the second draft is all good I’ll send you through the final invoice. Please note that all copyright of the copy belongs to me until the final invoice is paid.

sign off and what's next

At the end of the job, I’ll ask you how I did and will ask you to provide me a review to help with those lovely google rankings and to show people how good it is to work with me.

additional services

Marketing Convos

Want to chat to someone who knows about marketing and  can guide you through the ups and downs of the marketing landscape?

You might just want to know if you are on the right track with your marketing strategy but are happy to do the grunt work yourself. 

Book in a teams/zoom call to ensure your marketing budget is being well allocated and you aren’t throwing it all into the matrix unaware of what will come back. 

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